Membership Benefits


1.        Insurance Scheme
Insurance provides excellent insurance solutions providing cover for protection to buildings, office contents and other property, Financial Loss, money cover and Legal Liabilities in one convenient policy. Further information about the cover and how to obtain a quote can be found from us.

2.        Regulation Resource
A subscription to the CPA Better Regulation Resource will enable you to keep up to date and on top of your technical, legal and regulatory requirements and obligations. By subscribing you will gain direct access to the latest regulatory information in an online, easy to access, easy to navigate format.

3.        Discounts and Offers

The Association has organized a variety of exclusive discounts and offers with companies globally. These are designed specifically for CPA Members, and are also available to your company, firm and family.
The Member Benefits Scheme includes exclusive discounts and offers on products and services in the following categories:

        CPA Membership Card with Countdown
        Business & Technical
        Health & Insurance
        CPA Practice Advisory Service

4.        Logo printed Products
Logo printed products are available for the members at discounted rates. The Logo printed products include but not limited to the Member Benefits products and services in the following categories.

        Table Stationary Set(s)

5.        Books on discount for Members
Books are available to members and students on discount basis. The books include academic technical/practical books also.