Our Role and Services


1. Regulate CPAs in accordance with the law and the Association’s Code of Ethics in the public interest;
2. Ensure that CPAs are constantly up to date in all matters relating to their professional work;
3. Maintain the highest levels of educational standards for new entrants to the profession;
4. Represent the interests of our members where appropriate.

Besides the above role, to fulfill our statutory role we provide the following core services:

• Education and Training services
• Certification of Educational Examiners and Educational Examining Bodies
• Designing, Developing and Award of Educational & Professional Certifications
• Continual professional development and Tuition services
• Organizing and Conducting Classes, Workshops and Seminars
• Correspondence Courses, Lectures, Symposiums, Conferences and Exhibitions
• Education Examination Services
• Organizing, arranging and conducting Electronic and Traditional Examinations
• Educational Assessment Services and Skills Assessment Services
• Professional Club Services
• Books Publishing Services and Electronic publishing services
• Vocational Guidance, Certification of Education and Training Awards
• Accreditation of Educational Examiners
• Information, Advisory, Consultancy Services
• Career Advisory Services