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Professionals have one thing in common – they continuously survive and thrive by creating and maintaining satisfied stakeholders through their personal and professional development. CPAPRO understands the importance of awakening, developing, and rewarding the greatness of its valued membersthrough financial trainings and development. With our experience and expertise in management training, leadership, and change training, consulting, and coaching services, we work with our members (and associate organizations) to achieve their development goals.

Do you know?

    • What are emerging trends in your accounting & finance field?
    • How to work with dynamic / changing IFRS?
    • How to cope with global financial emergence?
    • What are the effects of IFRS & GAAP convergence?
    • How to motivate yourself for best performance?
    • The effect of your interests on your work and stakeholders?
    • How to communicate with undertaken projects stakeholders?
    • The biggest mistakes you can make with your clients?
    • How you seek to influence peers, competitors and results as well?
    • How to maintain CPD/CPE credit hours to maintain CPA designation?

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