Benefits Being Our Professional

As well as assuring potential employers about potential members’ level of commitment, skill and experience, membership of The Association and allied professional bodies offers your present and potential students:-

  • A full range of services to support you and to your students in professional capacity.
  • A credible quality assurance process recognized by employers and clients that enhances your reputation as a professional strategic partner.
  • An internationally recognized qualification in Public Accounting, Auditing, Human Resource Management, Cost & Managerial Accounting, Forensic Accounting / Auditing / Investigation, Business Valuation Management & Fraud Examination, and Business Administration.
  • The opportunity to contribute – actively or through your support of the organizations – in a wide range of advocacy and standards development activities internationally.
  • The opportunity to avail financial savings via Group Risk Coverage, Corporate Discounts in international conferences, seminars, trainings and certifications.