Advanced Diploma in Public Accounting

Course Title  ADIP (UK)

(Advance Diploma in Public Accounting)

Entry Route Progressive Route Direct Route … The following subjects will’ve to pass (or adjustable as APL or CTF) as prerequisite  
Total Units: 6 1.      Advance Business Taxation

2.     Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management

3.     Strategic Management

4.     Strategic Financial Management

5.     Strategic Management Accounting

6.     Advance Auditing & Assurance

Business Taxation

Corporate Reporting

Operations Management

Financial Management

Performance Management

Information Systems, IT Audit & Control

Commercial & Corporate Laws

Financial Reporting & IFRS

Enterprise Management

Financial Accounting

Management Accounting

Audit & Assurance

Business Communication & Report Writing

Mathematics & Quantitative Mathematics

Business Economics

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Fundamentals of Management Accounting

IT in Business

Learning Hours 36 144 …

36(Progressive Route)+108(Direct Route)

Academic Hours 24 96 …

24(Progressive Route)+72(Direct Route)

Practice Hours 12 48 …

12(Progressive Route)+36(Direct Route)

Assessment Exams/Article/Financial Training/Experience
Min. Qualification 14 Years of education or FMD (UK) or Equivalence

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